About Us

Founded in 2010, iStarTech (HK) Co., Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer specialized in portable personal entertainment products and outdoor sport products. We offer smart audio glasses, smart bracelets, smart watches, digital photo frame and MP3/MP4 Players etc. Now our products are sold in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain etc. We are expanding more new products to more countries.

Product Development

We keep to launch 12 to 15 highly innovative products every year. Design innovation and function innovation are the basic standard for all our new products. For all our new product design, we have fully discussed with our customers, design company and our sales team. So our products can catch the current fashion ideas and meet the market demand

Sales Team

iStarTech (HK) Co., Ltd has a strong sales teams. Our sales experts are very familiar with our products and our market. They could provide some professional suggestions to our customers. And our sales experts are keeping a quick response with our client every day.

After-sales Service

For all our products, we have our guarantee in some time. This is to make us to have a long cooperation with our clients.

To go with us; For a better life.

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